MRI Diagnosis of CCD and Associated Brain Anomalies
What Can an MRI Tell Us About a Person with DCC?

2022 Recordings

Scientific Research to Understand Corpus Callosum Disorders
How Can Research Provide Practical help for Living with DCC?
Genetics Part 1: How Do We Find the Genetic Cause of My Child’s Syndrome?
Genetics Part 2: So We Know the Genetic Cause, Now What?

Working together to discover the causes, consequences, and effective interventions for disorders of the corpus callosum and associated disorders of cerebral connectivity.

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Biological Scientists

Fundamental research to discover mechanisms involved in development of the corpus callosum and other structures that connect brain areas, as well as the changes in these processes that cause disease.

Clinical Research Scientists

Characterization of behavioral outcomes in developmental disorders of the corpus callosum, with the aim to identify the genetic and/or anatomic features that best predict outcome.

Scientists from all fields share and integrate their findings and insights to foster new discoveries and produce tools that will aid clinicians and families in caring for people with DCC.