To determine the intellectual, social and behavioural consequences associated with the genetics and changes in brain wiring related to disorders of the corpus callosum. In order to provide proper support and care for individuals with callosal dysgenesis, we need to understand in detail how their disorder will impact their lives and the lives of their family. We need longitudinal data on these aspects so we can understand how the disorder impacts people at different stages of their life. By understanding the fundamental mechanisms of brain plasticity, we may be able to promote through cognitive intervention changes in brain plasticity that benefit people with these disorders and possibly also in people with a wide range of other brain wiring disorders, or after stroke, brain injury or in brain degeneration.

Working Group Contact

  • Lynn K. Paul

Working Group Members

  • Vicki Anderson
  • Warren S. Brown
  • Gail Robinson
  • Fernanda Tovar-Moll
  • Elliott Sherr

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